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Adding immense value through a global information collection system.

How do you manage and organize data from hundreds of entry points throughout the globe? An international client approached Ingage to rethink their data collection. The client relied on manual information input from 400 global sites, resulting in systemic inefficiencies and inconsistent data.Ingage proposed a data collection solution to automate, standardize, and simplify information across all sites. By implementing a new reporting system, this valuable data could now be shared across an entire administrative network, ultimately creating immense value for the client.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“The Ingage team was awesome.”

IT DirectorMajor Banking client

“Our experience has more than met our expectations. The staff coming on to help us have been focused, professional and diligent. They have quickly assimilated into our team structure and have added value immediately.”

Vice President of TechnologyMajor Healthcare Client

“Ingage cared about our team's feedback from Day 1 and made tweaks along the way to the training agenda to best fit our team needs. This was huge, and showed our team that their feedback mattered. So we sincerely thank you!”

QA ManagerMajor Retail Client

“The great thing about Ingage is that they bring incredibly high-quality people. They’re local so they solve all of the off-shoring problems we encounter and they just bring an incredible wealth of support.””

Director of Information TechnologyMajor Client