Scrum Master

Consulting with purpose

We are an employee-owned and award-winning IT Consulting company. We treat our Consultants like family and encourage our professionals to use business as a platform to bring real, positive change to our city.

Triple-bottom line

Our day jobs are focused on delivering value to our clients, but our real passion is focusing on a “triple bottom line” of People, Planet, and Profit. We’re a Certified B Corp, with a strong culture of camaraderie, professional growth, and a shared belief in donating time and funds to charitable causes throughout Greater Cincinnati.

We’re not like other consulting firms in this region, and that’s why people love it here.

Ingage proudly supports
  • Guide others through Agile practices and methodologies
  • Oversee Scrum process
  • Facilitate transparency, inspection, and adaptation
  • Lead daily scrum, sprint review, retrospective, and meetings
  • Organize and coordinate teams to hit goals
  • Build trusting and safe environment
  • Remove impediments and fear of punishment
  • Foster close cooperation, cross-training, and support across team
  • Work closely with PO to translate user stories
  • Shield team from external interference to stay functional and productive
You must have:
  • 1+ years scrum master (or equivalent) experience
  • Understanding of SDLC disciplines
  • Effective communication skills
  • Alignment with Ingage culture
  • Desire to support and connect in community
Even better if you have:
  • 3+ years of scrum master experience
  • Scrum certification
  • Knowledge of scaling frameworks (SAFe, DAD, Nexus, LeSS)
  • Experience with agile lifecycle management tools (JIRA, CA Agile Central, VersionOne)
  • Experience with additional agile frameworks and practices (Kanban, XP, ScrumBan, Lean)
  • Basic understanding of consulting business model