Leif F.

Marketing + Community Engagement Manager

Leif is a visual design professional with over 15 years of print packaging, presentation, and production design. He enjoys both ideation and implementation, with years of brand agency and CPG experience in the San Francisco Bay Area. He holds an MFA from the University of Cincinnati.

Leif also connects with community organizations in Cincinnati to arrange and administer volunteer opportunities for Ingage Partners. He believes in using business as a platform for community engagement and social responsibility. He is a fierce brand ambassador, and a B Corporation (“B Corp”) evangelist.

He volunteers with MyCincinnati, a non-profit organization in East Price Hill that offers free classical music training to youth. He is also an active member of F3Cincinnati, a volunteer-led all weather outdoor workout group for men that emphasizes 3 Fs: fitness, fellowship, and faith.

Originally from rural Northern California, Leif has “four main passions: music, fitness, nature, and food.”