Organizational Transformation

Operational Improvement

Industry – Healthcare

Business Challenge

Practices at the Client relating to systems development and the management of the development were inconsistent and ad-hoc. Consequences of this lack of standards included:

  • Lack of well-defined roles and an understanding of roles
  • Lack of and inconsistent documentation
  • Key reviews skipped resulting in potential for risk, poor quality, and rework later
  • Poor/late resource planning
  • Rushed schedules impacting both immediate quality and the potential for improvement
  • Quality issues
  • Lack of focus and/or lack of clarity regarding priority
  • Increased operational costs and lower ROI

Ingage Leads the Change

Our team developed an understanding of the current environment enlisting a series of interviews covering the entire IT Organization. Our discovery centered on how projects were planned, executed and managed, as well as evaluating the current methodology documentation and the deliverables that were being produced. We also evaluated the tools that were supporting the development environment.

After assessing and gaining an understanding of the challenges, culture and environment, our team identified several causes for the issues the client was encountering. Our solution included the development of a set of recommendations that sought to address the issues being encountered in four main areas: methodology, work intake, resource management, and training.

A Comprehensive, Holistic Approach to Change

In working with the client, we identified many of the outcomes of this project. The development of a more efficient and effective IT Organization was the desired result. This is accomplished by having a good process (methodology), a well trained staff and a well-executed change management program to adopt the changes. The client is recognizing the benefits of this change through:

  • Better alignment with the business
  • Improved quality of deliverables
  • More accurate schedules and resource utilization