Delivery Management

Agile Practices

Industry – Retail

Business Challenge

Our client, a multi-billion dollar retailer, made the transition to enterprise level Agile several years ago. They were pleased with the success of this transition, but came to a point where they needed to be able to move more quickly now that they knew this framework could work for their organization. They struggled with the ability to hire, stand up and establish teams quickly. In addition, they desired a way to successfully to measure value delivered.

Ingage Leads the Change

Ingage Partners began by assessing the current client landscape. The client was utilizing Scrum teams exclusively for development. While remaining true to the Agile framework was important, Ingage helped the client understand that Scrum isn’t always the right fit for each development team.

In this case, there was an opportunity to deviate from Scrum in certain areas of the business where priorities were constantly shifting. These areas included technical enhancements, middleware, firewall, etc. This would allow work to be completed and measured, but would not skew overall Scrum metrics. The solution was comprised of Ingage helping the client transition some of the Scrum teams into Kanban teams. These teams are now able to complete work quickly and absorb priority shifting.

A Comprehensive, Holistic Approach to Change

Ingage Partners provided an objective observation of the client environment and was able to offer an enhanced solution the client hadn’t previously considered. We were able to prove that Kanban and Scrum teams can be run in parallel while supporting planned value delivery. Because the Ingage team is not limited to specific methodologies and practices, we were able to offer our client a solution that fit their specific circumstances while remaining true to their Agile framework.