User Experience

Research and Design

Industry: Financial Services

Business Challenge

In order to convert cash services customers into account carrying customers, our Client developed a new type of low risk bank account tailored to fit the needs of this market segment. The new account provides a funds model that ensures all account debits and checks deposited into the account are verified, preventing the risk of overdraft. As a result, different user considerations needed to be addressed for this unique account type.
Different internal and customer facing software applications were evaluated and modified across multiple channels.

Ingage Leads the Change

Several steps were involved with the preparation and development of the new account type, including research, design and usability testing. Some of the user experience design approaches that were utilized were:

  • Studying existing bank account setup help documentation
  • Evaluating the workflows, user interface and design of account setup in various software applications, including employee facing and customer facing applications
  • Participated in cross functional team to define requirements in order to determine user impact across multiple applications
  • Designed sketches, wireframes and mock-ups for discussion among business stakeholders and users in requirements meetings and user discussions
  • Ensured that mock-ups provided optimal user solutions while adhering to business requirements throughout the development process
  • Developed a functional prototype that was used for usability testing
  • Collaborated with other UX team members to create a usability testing script to test different user workflows
  • Observed and documented user feedback during usability testing and refined the design based on the results and findings

A Comprehensive, Holistic Approach to Change

This project required the ability to evaluate several workflows for multiple software applications in order to implement new functionality for the new bank account option. The UX team worked with many stakeholders to determine the best user experience for all groups that were impacted. Appropriate research and usability testing was conducted and the insight gathered from those activities was implemented throughout the design phase of the project.