Our Work

Ingage Partners is fortunate to have built strong partnerships with innovative companies throughout the Greater Cincinnati area. These organizations, representing a variety of industries including healthcare, retail, insurance, manufacturing, church ministry and financial services, have often times been our biggest cheerleaders.

We work together to solve challenging problems that stand in the way of their success. By collaborating and building a relationship based on trust, we’ve accomplished a real and lasting positive impact.

Solution Delivery is producing amazing results through a combination of skills throughout the solution life-cycle. View how our purpose-driven Consulting Team has helped our clients succeed.

Our Work - Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Industry: Education and Learning

Our client offers a personal assessment tool to improve individual and organizational effectiveness. In order to grow its business, our client partnered with Ingage Partners to develop from scratch its assessment system which is used to develop and deliver current and future products and services to a global customer base of 3000+ practitioners and more than 500,000 individuals. View More

Our Work - User Experience

User Experience

Industry: Financial Services

In order to convert cash services customers into account carrying customers, our Client developed a new type of low risk bank account tailored to fit the needs of this market segment. Ingage partnered with the client to ensure this new product was developed with the end user in mind. Industry and user research, design and usability testing were all employed to deliver the best customer experience for this new product. View More

Our Work - Delivery Management

Delivery Management

Industry: Retail

Our client, a multi-billion dollar retailer, made the transition to enterprise level Agile several years ago. They were pleased with the success of this transition, but came to a point where they needed to be able to move more quickly now that they knew this framework could work for their organization. They struggled with the ability to hire, stand up and establish teams quickly. In addition, they desired a way to successfully to measure value delivered. View More

Our Work - Organizational Transformation

Organizational Transformation

Industry: Healthcare

Practices at the Client relating to systems development and management of the development were inconsistent and ad-hoc. This led to several issues such as quality issues, poor resource planning and rushed project schedules. The Ingage team helped identify areas of improvement for how projects were planned, executed and managed to produce a more efficient and effective IT organization. View More

Our Work - Product Management

Product Management

Industry: Financial Services

Our client positions themselves as a leader in mobile banking, seeking out trend setting approaches to allow their users to receive immediate potential fraudulent activity alerts. To maintain their position as an industry leader they teamed up with Ingage Partners to facilitate and manage their two-way mobile notifications project. View More