We hire good people and match them with solid opportunities.


Our people strive to amaze our clients by producing high quality work in collaborative teams. We like a good challenge and we strive to be continuous learners. Being part of a movement to change the way businesses think about their impact on the world is what inspires us.


Ingage consultants get to do something they really care about while earning top wages for their valuable experience, skills and training. In addition to financial contributions, employees are given time each month to devote to nonprofit partners. The resulting increased job satisfaction enables Ingage to attract top candidates and to retain its employees longer than others in an industry where human capital and employee retention are of utmost value.

The change we seek

Ingage is a values-driven company. We adhere to a Triple-Bottom Line, prioritizing People, Planet, and Profits. We have a history of financial growth and viability, and encourage more companies to consider becoming social enterprise organizations.

Through paid volunteer work, our employees help charitable organizations become better equipped to carry on their mission.

We advocate a truly blended work/life model where an individual’s purpose can be realized in the workplace.

Ingage ultimately supports better communities and stronger families where professional success is not in conflict with personal purpose.