Why we're different at Ingage

We take a people-centered approach to solve our client's technology needs. Our consultants are Cincinnati-based individuals with a vested interest in building into your company. At Ingage, we pride ourselves in matching client opportunities with just the right consultant who we believe will succeed in each particular position.

A.J. C.

Aisha K.

Amy M.

Andrea D.

Andrew C.

Andrew S.

Angie R.

Anna C.

Barry B.

Bhagat K.

Brandon S.

Brent B.

Carl G.

Caroline F.

Chandra K.

Charlie R.

Chris A.

Chris B.

Christian C.

Coral W.

Courteney O.

Dan P.

David H.

Denise R.

Erich B.

Jamie F.

Jean M.

Jerome T.

Jessica J.

Jim K.

John C.

Jon D.

Ken B.

Kim P.

Lenay D.

Lynn B.

Markku K.

Matt B.

Michael H.

Michaela S.

Mike R.

Narayan K.

Phil L.

Nadide C.

Natalie L.

Olga K.

Peter D.

Quinton S.

Sandi R.

Sarah W.

Shane P.

Sharath M.

Stephen F.

Tim K.

Tony G.

Tony M.

Wole O.

Zach C.

Support Team

Adam K.

Andy E.

Brian S.

Chris D.

Elena T.

Erin R.

Kelly D.

Kelly W.

Laura P.

Leif F.

Leslie P.

Lynsey G.

Michael K.

Sandeep B.

Sheree N.

Viktoria K.