Kelly Dolan

Co-Founder and CEO

Kelly began her career in the consulting industry 16 years ago after graduating from Miami University with a Bachelor degree in Organizational Communications. Kelly was hired by Software Architects, a technology consulting firm, initially as a College Recruiter focused on attracting top Computer Science graduates. Then in 1997, Kelly was relocated to Cincinnati to open a new Software Architect's consulting practice with her primary role being business development. Kelly played an instrumental role in the new office being recognized as the fastest growing and profitable practice while attracting several of the area's top companies as its' clients. This experience provided the foundation for understanding how to build community within an organization where talented people can grow.

Kelly was inspired to launch Ingage Partners as a way to blend her professional experience with a greater purpose of building into the community. The experience of launching Ingage and having an opportunity to work with a team of passionate and creative people has fulfilled a life-long dream of building something that will have a lasting impact.

Kelly and her husband, Chris, live in Hyde Park a suburb of Cincinnati with their two young children. They spend time enjoying the outdoors and each other.

3% For the Tristate


Kelly has been caught dancing on camera. Multiple times.