Expanding Our Impact


In 2011, we took a leap of faith to start Ingage Partners. Fueled by the desire to succeed in business while giving back to the community, we discovered Certified B Corps. If you are familiar with our story, you know that Ingage started as a Certified B Corp and our success is measured across a triple-bottom-line of people, planet and profit. It is from this framework that we decided to go a step further to build a holding company of like-minded businesses. The idea is that by forming a collective of businesses for good, we can expand our impact, accelerate our growth and secure our future as an employee-owned collective.

We’d like to introduce to you, Revision Collective, a parent company to now three companies on a mission to rewrite the purpose of business and to inspire conscious leadership to elevate better business.


In addition to Ingage Partners being part of the collective, two additional companies will be joining the collective next month which we will be sharing very soon.

Ingage Partners will continue to operate just as we are, we’re just growing the family. We will continue to take on our clients' challenges and remain true to our values. Most excitingly, we remain steadfast in our mission to use business as a force for good and look forward to expanding our impact, together.

“When we started Ingage, we were building a small company of a few employees. It didn’t take us long to realize that by bringing together a committed, talented and passionate group of like-minded people our opportunity for growth and impact would be unlimited.  By growing our portfolio of companies, we are recommitting to our vision of using business as a force for good.  We couldn’t be more excited about the future of all of our stakeholders.” Kelly Dolan, Ingage Partners + Revision Co-CEO

We invite you to follow our journey on LinkedIn and learn more at revisioncollective.com.