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We want to help you get energized and find clarity- 4 days to solving your biggest tech challenges.

Ingage Partners Design Sprint is a 4-day process for rapidly solving big challenges, creating new products, or improving existing ones. Just imagine creating a high fidelity prototype and testing it with real users in a few days, saving you months of discussion.

Design sprints were created out of the frustration with Google’s long product innovation process, as they needed a faster way to get real user data to refine products earlier in the process. The method was then applied to more than 150 Google Venture startups. Jake Knapp published the book Sprint in 2016, with all that he had learned and applied while at Google. Since then companies like AJ&Smart and Ingage Partners have applied and refined the Sprint process.

Similar to Google, you might be experiencing frustration with extended build cycles. You might also be under tremendous pressure to innovate. Or, you might be struggling to keep the team aligned, motivated, and excited about the path forward. We have consultants that are certified as Sprint facilitators and that have experience facilitating design sprints, building interactive prototypes, and conducting user research for both large and small companies.

Design Sprints offer up a new way of innovating and collaborating. They allow individuals to work deeply alone, and then come together to review and vote. The process enables all participants to both feel heard and have a part in the final solution. What we love most about the experience of a Design Sprint is helping our client partners find a better way forward, while energizing the entire team and helping them learn the process along the way.

Learn how effective a Design Sprint can be in solving real business problems by watching the video here.