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Our marketplace continues to change rapidly. Organizations need to be nimble in order to keep up in an uncertain and turbulent environment. Ingage can help. By using Agile development with Scrum, our feature teams deploy user stories, unit testing, and continuous integration to respond to your product’s evolving needs. These teams build products using a microservice architecture for your team projects, creating sophisticated and adaptable software solutions.

Our consultant teams consist of relationship-based “T-Shaped individuals” who readily integrate into and work alongside larger teams. We bring expertise in .Net, Java, SDET, Salesforce, ASTQB Certification, and Defect Management Tools (Jira, Rally, HPQC) to take your product through an Agile process, moving quickly to market. More importantly, our teams will work to understand your particular business needs and help build the custom software solution to make sure your organization is keeping pace in the ever-evolving marketplace.

case study

Coordinating success across 400 global sites

Ingage began our partnership with Project | SEARCH in order to design and build a web based application to track the success of student interns that are part of an international program to help disabled young adults find meaningful employment after high school. Our client partner heavily relied on manual information input from 400 different global sites, resulting in systemic inefficiencies and inconsistent data. Ingage Partners proposed a data collection solution to automate, standardize, and simplify information across all sites. The project goal was to make data collection simpler, automatically roll up data by site, region, or program, and spread the administrative duties across multiple layers of the organization. By implementing a new reporting system, this valuable data could now be shared across an entire administrative network.

Recognizing that requiring manual data entry across a global network of sites left multiple opportunities for inconsistent or missing data and limited insight; Ingage Partners developed a system to move all manual tracking across a global system into a robust, modernized data collection system. There are currently over 600 sites around the world utilizing the program. In addition, a new suite of reports was created to support all management levels of the program. The Ingage team delivered an application that reduces manual tracking and helps lay the foundation for the organization’s future success. By providing ongoing support and training, Ingage worked with multiple stakeholders to ensure ongoing success. A simplified data collection system now connected to individual sites and sharable across the entire administrative platform ultimately created immense value for Project | SEARCH.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Ingage has been incredibly valuable partners to us as we’ve transformed to becoming a digital-first company. Beyond the development of our new platform, they have been trusted and flexible advisors in helping us develop the strategies, capabilities and resources required for success.

Vice President of Technology

Leadership and Management Consulting Enterprise

It has been so refreshing to work with a vendor partner that has felt like a true partnership. The staff you provided to work with us was always professional, flexible, collaborative, timely and just all around great to work with! The team fit in just perfectly with the culture here!

Director of Enterprise

Leadership and Management Consulting Enterprise