We hire great people and match them with solid opportunities.


Consulting can come with rigorous professional demands, but yields rewarding results and expanding growth opportunities. By working with a variety of regional clients, our consultants grow into new roles, relationships, tech stacks, and industries.


“Ingagers” (as we refer to ourselves) have a reputation for being authentic, hardworking, quick to laugh, unflappable, kind, and invested. We’re creating a supportive community of tech professionals who “build into” each other and our larger community. Our company’s financial success fuels our community impact, which is at the heart of Ingage.


Your experience, skills, and training can make a positive impact. Ingagers are given time and funds each month to put towards the non-profit of your choice. On top of that, Ingage gives back to our community in positive, measurable ways. Being a part of a social enterprise has tangible benefits, including higher employee retention, job satisfaction, and genuine peer support.

The change we seek

Since 2011, our aim has been to stay financially viable while making a positive social impact. Ingage has done both, winning awards for our financial growth (Fast 55) and our social impact (RealLeaders100, CLIMB Awards). As a Certified B Corp, we keep a Triple-Bottom Line: prioritizing People, Planet, and Profits. More importantly, we believe that businesses (including your business) can be a force for good.