Brent B.


Brenton joined Ingage with a background in commercial banking, having worked with Huntington Bank, where he spent years performing Data Analysis, QA Test leadership, and UAT testing. Brent organized test strategy for end users and managed project life cycles for users throughout the process.

Born and raised in Columbus, Brent was lured to Cincinnati so that he could be a part of the many great things happening here. Between the tech industry boom, the historic neighborhoods, the incredible school systems, and many sports teams, Brent felt that Cincinnati was trending in the right direction. He is married with three children, and lives in the Sycamore township area.

Brent has a competitive streak (he loves winning) and loves sports, trivia, and contests. In his spare time, he invests in non-profit organizations such as Junior Achievement, Pelotonia, and Habitat for Humanity.

3% For the Tristate


When flying, Brent must fly in an exit row.