Courteney O.

UX Designer

Courteney is a User Experience designer with a background in digital design and front-end development. She believes that carrying a design from concept to completion is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding things to do, so she tries to do it as much as possible.

Thanks to her passion and experience, Courteney has been able to acquire many useful skills regarding graphic, web, and multimedia design, web development, and user-centered design. She gets most excited about UX design, because to her, there’s nothing more satisfying than collaborating with multiple teams, clients, and potential users to uncover problems and solve them.

In her spare time, Courteney likes to ride her bike, play video games, sew, read, and hang out with her Great Dane, Einstein.

3% For the Tristate


Courteney has a deep appreciation for the music of the beach boys.