Quinton S.

senior Consultant

Quinton is a dedicated Sr. Consultant with over 17 years devoted to quality assurance and process improvement practices. Quinton’s work with Ingage includes providing quality assurance expertise and leadership on key projects & initiatives. Prior to joining the Ingage team, he was a senior IT consultant providing leadership quality assurance, business analysis, and project management expertise for multiple Fortune 500 clients across the retail, insurance, and banking industries.

Quinton also led quality assurance for the development of web-based software for Oracle’s talent management software products. He possesses substantial experience working with state government on large-scale implementations of child support enforcement (CSE) systems and processes. Some of Quinton’s areas of expertise include project management, process improvement and QA testing.

Quinton enjoys spending time with his kids and improving upon his culinary arts. A few of his hobbies include billiards, darts, and anything competitive.

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quinton is a former crossfit champion.