We envisioned a company whose values were based on the idea of earning profits as a way toward the greater goal of doing good.

Kelly DolanCo-Founder and CEO

After advancing to a leadership position in his consulting company, Michael Kroeger kept noticing the feeling that something was missing. Though he was passionate about his career, he kept asking himself what the larger Purpose was in his career.

Michael ran into his colleague Kelly Dolan at the water cooler one day, and mentioned his wish to make Purpose part of his everyday career. She shared his same vision. Months later, Michael and Kelly made the decision to start their own consulting company, based on the idea of earning profits as a means toward the greater goal of giving back.

Since 2011, Ingage Partners has provided an opportunity for like-minded professionals to combine their careers with their desire to make a difference in the community. By leveraging trusted industry relationships and extensive consulting experience, Ingage Partners has become a thriving example of business for good.

In 2011

Michael and Kelly started The Ingage Partners, a boutique consulting technology company focused on using profits to fuel social good.


Ingage has grown to an employee-owned, full-service, award-winning technology company. Its financial viability—and social impact—have continued to grow.