Mobilize Your New Idea with Team Alignment 

Leveraging a design sprint, we brought together a team from a medium-size service company to identify underlying issues and opportunity areas.


When we first started working with this major grocer, the product team was focused on getting to parity with the competition. Our client partners didn’t realize they were overlooking incredible opportunities to better serve their customers and employees.


An Ingage experience design consultant partnered with user research to create personas that increased empathy and served as reminders to the product team. Our consultant led the team through design sprints, sketching, prototyping, and usability tests to create collaborative and cross-functional solutions that better serve both employees and customers..


We witnessed increased team motivation and cohesiveness because of an increased understanding of “the why” behind every product change. The team’s strategy shifted from a focus on the competition to focusing on customer experience. And, exposing the full product team to user research has enabled everyone to connect their work to the customer and business impact.

Tools We Use

User Experience

User Research

Design Sprints


Product Alignment

Design Thinking



Value Idenificaiton