Ingage is growing in 2019.

Thrive Impact Sourcing is now a part of the Ingage family

In 2018, Ingage Partners purchased Thrive Impact Sourcing, and we are excited about the change. Ingage and Thrive have co-existed as “sister” organizations since January 2016 with complementary offerings. Both organizations have a strong commitment to uncovering and attracting top IT talent in our marketplace and providing solutions to our clients that have a measurable positive impact on all of our stakeholders.

Ingage is now a full-service IT provider, delivering high performing technology consulting services while advancing an IT talent pipeline through our Thrive Accelerator model. By leveraging our award-winning experience and passion of our combined teams, we will continue to build transformational technology solutions with our client partners. Together, we will accelerate our impact for our clients, our employees, and our community.