The right talent with the right training.

Hiring solid talent

is one of the biggest challenges that organizations face.

Ingage will identify, train, mentor and launch a promising pipeline of talent for your organization. Since 2016, our Thrive Accelerator program has delivered proven, customizable, and award-winning results.

Our Thrive Accelerator program cultivates
new IT talent with a four-step process:


We use a multi-step talent selection process.


Intensive 8-week automated testing Boot Camp or 15-week developer training


6-12 months of training with experienced mentor


With applied professional IT experience

From Apprentice to Full Time Employee within 6 months.

How do you fill a sudden need for a Full Time Employee, while bringing much-needed consistency to company policy? Our client partner (a major Cincinnati-based insurance provider) brought on one of our Senior Consultants paired with an Apprentice to solve this need.

The pair identified systemic problems within the existing regression tests, then implemented quality process improvements. The Senior Consultant also provided training and expertise to help our Apprentice adapt to company policy and needs. After a 6 month period, the client partner hired our Apprentice as a new Full Time Employee, who was now fully immersed in the company culture and systems.


Apprentices Hired since 2016


Success rate with 86% continuing IT careers after 12 months


Increase in annual compensation at 12 months.


Positive community economic impact since 2016.

Proven. Trusted.

Through our Thrive Accelerator, we are partnering with technology leaders to place new talent and re-skill internal employees. Through our new IT talent pipeline, we connect motivated professionals with outstanding business needs to deliver win-win solutions.

Watch the story of our
award-winning, proven, trusted results:

What Clients Say About Our Apprentice Program

“Our experience has more than met our expectations. The staff coming on to help us have been focused, professional and diligent. They have quickly assimilated into our team structure and have added value immediately.”

Vice President of TechnologyMajor Healthcare Client

“The great thing about Ingage is that they bring incredibly high-quality people. They’re local so they solve all of the off-shoring problems we encounter and they just bring an incredible wealth of support.””

Director of Information TechnologyMajor Client