Season 2 : Tech Crimes

1. Quality Beyond QA

Ken Baum & Andrea Dresmann

On this episode of Alignment, Ken and Andrea explore crimes against QA. Are you guilty? Take a listen to find out!

2. Be a Good Boy Scout

Ken Baum & Jim Kriz

Ken sits down with fellow developer, Jim to reflect on their experiences throughout their careers. The good and the bad! 

3. A Happy Path

Ken Baum & Scott Lindsten

Scott Lindsten and Ken explore what makes a happy path for users and reflect on some not-so-happy experiences they've had along the way.

4. Anything But Typical

Ken Baum & Angie Robey

Have you ever cherry-picked a story? BUSTED! In this episode, Angie joins Ken to uncover more crimes committed by technologists.

5. Vendor Bad, Partner Good

Ken Baum & Kelly Dolan

Ken and Kelly explore the complicated world of vendor/partner relationships and what we can do to foster a healthy environment.

Season 1

1. A Happy Combo

Shannon Lewandowski & Scott Lindsten

On this episode of Alignment, Managing Consultant, Shannon Lewandowski and Sr. UX designer Scott Lindsten chat about how ideas of themes like empathy and how the values of a B Corp often align with UX design principles.

2. The Time for Apprenticeships is now

Ken Baum & Elena Terán

On this episode of Alignment, Managing Consultant and Senior Developer Ken Baum, and our Director of Purpose, Elena Terán discuss apprenticeships. What is the origin of apprenticeships? Why has this been a successful model for training talent? Find out on this week's episode!

3. Futurespectives

Jamie Fike & David Howard

Wouldn’t it be great if you had the powers of Doctor Strange and the Time Stone? Agile Coach and Scrum Master, Jamie Fike, and Managing Consultant, David Howard propose a tool that may help you do exactly (kinda) that on this week's episode!

4. What Being People-Centered Really Means

Kelly Williams & Sean Whelan

A Nada gift card is just one of the many ways Ingagers use the Family Entertainment Budget, one of Ingage's care package items. This week, join us to hear our VP of People, Kelly, and Consultant, Sean for a glimpse into how we care for our employees.

5. Journeys into QA

Quinton Smith & Forrest Cain

This week on Alignment, QA engineers Quinton and Forrest chat about all things Quality Assurance. How they ended up in their careers, where QA is headed and lessons learned along the way. Tune in to find out what their conversation uncovered!