Problems We've Solved

From Confusion to Clarity

Leveraging a lightning decision jam workshop followed quickly by a roadmap workshop, we brought together a team from a medium-sized service company to identify the future vision for their product experience and create a roadmap to help guide their development.

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CX Reimagined

We partnered with a healthcare staffing organization to create optimal experiences for their customers. By assessing factors affecting their customers, we were able to develop a more sustainable consumer experience.

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User-Centered Decisions

By learning more about the user’s attitudes and needs through observation and 1:1 interviews, we partnered with an organization to establish a targeted design strategy and to present a strong case for engaging with our client.

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Better Tools, Bigger Impact

A trusted partner for more than a decade, we developed a functional prototype to improve their volunteer sign-up tool, improving user experience and adoption of the tool.

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