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A local church and long-standing client was looking to customize their automated sign-up solution for volunteers. Equipped with deep user insights, we presented an interactive prototype for customization and improved user experience.

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A local interdenominational church.


The church wanted a custom software solution to meet their organizational needs. Their current automated volunteer sign-up application had only a 40% usage rate across the two primary ministries using the tool.


Ingage Partners conducted extensive research and interviews with the teams to become intimately familiar with the workings of the organization and how the tool could be best customized and leveraged to the fullest. Through a combination of design assessments, journey mapping, and wireframes, we were able to identify opportunities for customization to meet the specific needs of the church and its ministries.


Equipped with deep customer insights gleaned at every step of the design stage, a interactive prototype was created to complete usability testing to validate task completion across a multitude of sign-up scenarios. With a customized approach, we were able to deliver an improved custom solution accessible from both a desktop computer as well as mobile.

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