CIO Advisory Services

Strategic IT Advisory services across a broad range of IT scenarios to help drive focus, predictability and value from your IT function.

Key Questions

Are your production systems stable?

Are priorities clear and projects prioritized?

Is IT viewed as a strategic partner?

Leadership Domains

Production Stability

This should be the highest priority for the IT leader. Successful stability provides the opportunity to grow IT into a strategic asset.

Planning and Optimization

Strategic planning is established and revisited on calendar in concert with the overall business strategy.

Deliver on Key Initiatives

Predictable delivery (on time, on budget, high quality, expected scope) builds credibility and trust in IT.

Talent Development

Hire, Develop and Grow the right people who can evolve with the organization.

Foster Key Relationships

Aspire to become a strategic partner with a seat at the table where the IT function is seen as a value added service.

A Case Study

It was our privilege to work with an incredibly talented group supporting women’s empowerment. We led the strategic direction of high-level technology ideas to validate the current path and to determine the best course of action for continued growth. Our client needed to brainstorm and share high-level technology ideas to validate current path and insure proper software development techniques were leveraged. Through a series of monthly meetings, we helped client to determine best course of action for development for continued growth. Ingage Partners validated current technology stack and development team, helping client to stay on target.

Tools We Use

Organizational Change

Fractional C-Level Leadership