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We helped this large grocery chain drive out duplicate and manual work processes to design and automate a working solution that increased productivity and business growth. Check out how we helped our client evolve into a more tech-savvy company.


Our client was struggling with partner integration and using a homegrown OAuth provider. It was labor intensive for partners in setting up account access. There were numerous issues with manual requests, and calls. The help desk was becoming overwhelmed and business innovation was stymied. 


Ingage Partners assembled a team of full-stack developers and a scrum master to lead efforts. The team collaborated to deliver front-end and backend services, including identity services, an API Gateway, and API Management Platform. Additionally, administrative capabilities were developed for external partners, enabling strategic partners to submit their API’s. 


As a result of our development and IT expertise, this major grocery chain continues to evolve into a more technology savvy company. Features like real-time enabling of new partners has driven out weeks of lag time. This also allows our client to quickly test and establish new strategic partnerships, which is a huge business advantage. Beginning with just a few partners, our client has expanded to more than 300 external partners, including 35+ strategic partnerships. The team exceeded their annual goal in a matter of months and the project has been lauded as a huge success.

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