Build vs. Buy

Ingage Partners served as a trusted technology partner to support a local organization requiring an RFP to evaluate their current processes and to help the client take a more disciplined approach for due diligence.


The Chamber of Commerce recently lost a senior network administrator and needed a trusted technology partner that could create an RFP to ensure that they were working with the best possible managed services provider and advise them throughout the RFP process. 


Ingage Partners used our trusted relationship with the Chamber to better understand their needs, how the current provider was performing, and help the Chamber create a process for due diligence. Our business analyst interviewed stakeholders, documenting the needs and priorities that would shape the RFP. Ingage drafted an RFP for review and approval. And,  advised the Chamber throughout the rest of the RFP process including vendor selection, Q&A, final vendor recommendation. 


The Chamber has a lean staff and relies on trusted partners to advise them on major technology initiatives. They feel confident in their final selection and will use the chosen vendor to manage the infrastructure that enables them to support thousands of local employers and advise other chamber organizations throughout the area and country.

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