From Confusion to Clarity

Leveraging a lightning decision jam workshop followed quickly by a roadmap workshop, we brought together a team from a medium-sized service company to identify the future vision for their product experience and create a roadmap to help guide their development.

The Situation

A midsize business came to us seeking clear direction on goals. Through a design sprint workshop and IT assessment we were able to get the whole team on the same page and help them move their business forward. 

Our Approach 

We first got to know our client with an IT assessment. We took a look at all of their tech organization, strategy, and processes. From there we identified opportunities to explore as well as recommendations to move our client forward. To explore these opportunities, we got the whole team together for a Design Sprint Workshop. Though the workshop, we all worked together to ideate around solutions and aligned the team around priorities and goals. 


  1. Shifted from a focus on the competition to focusing on customer experience. 
  2. Increased team motivation and cohesiveness because of an increased understanding of “the why” behind every product change.
  3. Increased motivation of the team to work towards an inspiring experience vision.

Tools We Use

User Experience

User Research

Design Sprints


Product Alignment

Design Thinking



Value Idenificaiton