Better Tools, Bigger Impact

A trusted partner for more than a decade, we developed a functional prototype to improve their volunteer sign-up tool, improving user experience and adoption of the tool.


Only about 40% of church members were using the current solution. The program had a long page load time and was not easy to find on the church website, especially from mobile devices. The church leadership wanted a better user experience to improve adoption with church members.


Ingage Partners worked closely with the organization, conducting in depth mappings across design, functionality, and usability. Stakeholder discussions and surveys were used to identify current outages for the program as well as opportunity areas for ease of use. These discussions as well as a user survey were used to validate Proof of Concept and inform Prototyping.


Delivered functional prototype and hi-fidelity mock-ups in both desktop and mobile design, with the aim to ensure the experience was consistent regardless of where users login. Sign-up usage increased by 50% after enhancements were implemented.

Tools We Use

User Experience

Proof of Concept

User Centered Design