CX Reimagined

We partnered with a healthcare staffing organization to create optimal experiences for their customers. By assessing factors affecting their customers, we were able to develop a more sustainable consumer experience.

The Situation

Our healthcare staffing client had tried and failed to redesign their traveling nurse experience before, but halted the project after over a year of delays. They pulled in User Experience and Development consultants to reimagine the customer experience and support the agile development team. 

The Solution

At first, our UX and Design consultant worked in a silo as part of the Marketing team. It soon became clear that the agile development team within IT and marketing were not closely aligned. Once UX and Design was integrated into the team, collaboration powered delivery. We also had an Agilist consulting their leadership team on adopting Agile principles and practices through executive level training. And, helping to support the redesign effort by conducting Agile training and facilitating Scrum ceremonies.

The Impact

We crafted a user experience that powered the successful implementation for the web application redesign. We conducted user interviews throughout different phases of design development, to gain empathy and get feedback on releases and feature prototypes. We worked to define the problem and proposed visual solutions for upcoming sprints, collaborating with the full delivery team including business analysts, the product owner, developers, and quality assurance. And, we delivered a design system to improve design consistency and development efficiency. Our Front-end and full stack developers supported the agile team, and implemented the redesign, working closely with the full team. And, our agilists were able to support the agile implementation, improving collaboration across the team and improving the culture. Together, we were able to help our client get unstuck, and implement  a more intuitive and user-friendly interface that drove business results(nurse recruiting, filled travel nurse positions).

Tools We Use


User Research

User Experience

User Centered Design